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Skywave Amateur Radio Club has a close relationship with "The Duhallow Repeater Group"

Callsign : EI7SMR

Frequency Output : 430.925 MHz

Frequency Input : 438.525 MHz

Frequency Split : + 7.6 MHz

CTCSS Tone required for access : 103.5Hz

Timeout : 4 minutes

Power Output: 10 watts

Antenna : Diamond X30A mounted on top of an 8 metre mast.
The antenna gain is 5.5 dBi (2 x 5/8).

QTH Locator : IO52MA

The repeater has been licensed since the 22nd of July 2004.
The old call sign was EI3DRG

EI7SMR Coverage

The repeater covers a large part of Counties Cork and Limerick. It is 35kms from Cork City and 74kms from Limerick City.

This gives a general overview of the coverage...

In Cork City, large parts of the North side of the city are screened by hills while the coverage on the South side is generally better,

Due to the increased distance, the coverage of Limerick City is more patchy and a good antenna up high will likely be required.

Please remember that these maps are only guidelines. If it seems as if you are near the edge of a coverage area then it may be worth trying a directional antenna with some gain.

Operated by Duhallow Repeater Group. The repeater keeper is John, EI3BF. Reception reports to Hugh, EI2HI. 

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