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Monday 19th March 2018

From 8 to 80. What a great day activating BlackRock Castle today as part of the Life Long Learning Festival. All ages, genders and nationalities turned up on the day, a fantastic mix of people. Even with the savagely poor conditions due to a solar storm, spirits were high and a few contacts were made.

10yr old Namo from Austria was first in the door and after several false starts made contact with ON4AYM in Belgium on 20 meters. He was a natural and really enjoyed his experience. Let's hope he is a future ham in the making.

Not all who visited on the day were interested in transmitting and there was plenty of demonstrations on offer form Vhf/Uhf scanning, SDR and the use of Rtl dongles, Ads-b flight tracking, WSPR/PSK, EchoLink via Android, and some video presentations.

The last throw of the dice shortly before we finished for the day was an attempted on-air transatlantic reunion between an expat American lady and her children and their grandad. While we had confirmation via email that he was trying as were we. Sadly it didn't play out, but still they had fun and left with smiles and the thought of maybe next time.

Like to say thanks to all the members who were able to make it, and to blackrockcastle and to lifelonglearningfestival for the opportunity to demonstrate our hobby to the public.

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